Drill-Tech Drilling Service

Jeff McQueen-Owner
Office: (713)459-9796 Fax:(281)492-6909


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Drill-Tech Drilling is equipped with three rigs including Truck Mounted Rig, Buggie Mounted Rig for wet rotary boring. Our Portable Rig can access hard to reach places, sites that are wooded without significant clearing.  Furthermore this can be easily be placed on site with wet condition and interior sampling inside residential and buildings.  Also we install parazometer which may be used for design or remedial purposes.  If you need laboratory testing we have the capabilities to perform geotechnical testing under controlled condition to evaluate standardized test of materials as well as tests of new materials used in research and developing.  The field and laboratory data together with our Engineering recommendation will be presented in an Engineering Report.  The report will address the specific porject design contruction and quality control requirement.      

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Truck Mounted Rig

Buggie Rig/w Wash Boring 

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4X4 Mud Portable Rig

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Price List

Truck Mounted Rig Auger    $6.00 ft.

Mounted Rig Wash Boring & Hollow Stem     $7.00

Portable Rig     Exterior $7.00     Interior  $10.00

Mobilization     $1.50 mile

Concrete Coring    $50.00 core